Los Angeles, Ca


An Armenian from California, Sevag Mahserejian has become an artist of many means, fusing culture, painting, theatre, writing, and film all into one. Exhibited throughout Los Angeles, Sevag is no stranger to experimenting with new media and diving head first into the variety the world of art provides. Ranging from large installation pieces that resonate his childlike imagination to illustrations that play on negative spaces, stencils, murals, and paintings that showcase his creativity and provide an all-access pass to spectators.




b. 1986

Armenian artist Sevag Mahserejian, born in California, graduated from the University of California Irvine in 2008. He fuses culture, painting, theatre, and writing. His diverse creative outlets continuously transform his artworks. His passion for the whimsy and discovery become apparent in the multiple layers of texture and color of each painting. His works balance the worlds between reality and dream, past life and present. Mahserejian has a free and whimsical dream like approach to his subject matter, which in combination with his sense of connection with the natural world, result in unique works that allow him to communicate cultural synergies and differences. His paintings reflect the zealous appreciation of life and the pleasures of the simplest experiences that can make a difference in one’s perception of a subject matter. Mahserejian’s artworks have been exhibition throughout the States where he continues to live and work.

Artist Statement

I create what I want to and elaborate on ideas without restraint to any one source of inspiration. In this free form orchestration with no pre-meditated common ground, I look to the style utilized to draw a bridge in connecting the collection I am working on. There is always a sense of playfulness in my work, a style that has followed me since childhood. I like to keep my eyes entertained. I often find myself up close to the canvas, picking up on minor details, hidden phrases beneath layers of paint, illustrations that can only be viewed from an intimate distance. Perhaps it derives from having poor vision and needing glasses or maybe it’s just fun to discover something new each time you peer at an artwork. 

My themes follow an ever-growing list of interests and curiosities. I’m captivated by travel, culture, nature, myths, science, writing, humor, and history. Besides reading and constantly listening to podcasts, I draw upon my own experience in Psychology, Theatre, and the Armenian culture with its vast history and richness in the arts. There is a lot of reference to the relationship between bees and mycelium, pre-Christian pagan symbolism from Armenia, chess, women, and personal poetry just to allude to a few.

I love learning. I often find myself being captivated by a new medium, subject, becoming obsessed, and diving head first into experimenting with it. I believe fusing multiple interests along with mediums is the only way to give birth to something new. It isn’t an easy process nor is it a fun feeling, but I often look for that overwhelming stage to highlight a lesson worth learning.


2019 Publication in Figments art book

2019 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA

2019 ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

2019 Innerspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Aleatoric Solo Exhibition -Substrate Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Couture, Las Vegas, NV

2018 Brutal Beauty, Lexington, KY

2018 Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA 

2017 Sun Stock Festival, Los Angeles, CA 

2017 Pink Elephant, Glendale, CA 

2017 Broke LA, Los Angeles, CA 

2017 Onward & Upward, Los Angeles, CA 

2016 Broke LA, Los Angeles, CA

2016 50 Eagles Take Flight, Los Angeles, CA 

2015 Art of Sev Solo Exhibition, Pasadena, CA 

2015 SF Hye, San Francisco, CA

2015 Brokechella, Los Angeles, CA 

2015 Curve Line Space, Eagle Rock, CA 

2014 Meat District, Co., Pasadena, CA

2014 Brokechella, Los Angeles, CA 

2014 Les Noces Du Figaro, Los Angeles, CA 

2014 Eagle Rock Hub, Eagle Rock, CA 

2014 Old Towne Pub, Pasadena, CA 

2014 Curve Line Space, Eagle Rock, CA 

2014 Meat District, Co., Pasadena, CA 2013 Los Angeles Unified School District, Woodland Hills, CA

2013 Hamazkayeen Center, Pasadena, CA 

2013 Les Noces Du Figaro, Los Angeles, CA 

2013 Angel City Brewery, Los Angeles, CA 

2012 Seeley’s Studios, Glendale, CA 

2012 AT&T Center, Los Angeles, CA 

2012 LA Mart, Galaxy, Los Angeles, CA 

2011 Solar Studios, Glendale, CA 

2011 Angel City Brewery, Fort, Los Angeles, CA